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Refrigerator Filters

The Water Store is the only location in Milton which carries Refrigerator Filters for all makes and models of refrigerators 
All filters are in stock and ready for pick up when you are
  • Refrigerator manufacturers recommend filter replacement every 6 months.
  • Follow your refrigerator manufacturer's instructions according to the Owner's Manual.
  • All refrigerator filters are specific to each model of refrigerator and are not interchangeable.
  • Refrigerator filter part numbers may change from time to time and therefore your filter number may not match any of the product codes below. If you do not see your filter number listed below please contact us for assistance and we will find the filter you require.
  • All refrigerator replacement filters listed below are in-stock.
  • All other refrigerator filters not listed here are available by special order and can be in-stock within 2 business days depending on availability.
The Water Store supplies ONLY Original Manufacturer's Filters
No aftermarket knock-offs, no quality issues & no warranty issues

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