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Heat Guard Cooling Ties and Pads


Do you get overheated? Suffer heat stress, headaches, hot flashes or heat related irritability? Do you work outside in the heat or in a hot work environment?  Do you get overheated working out, golfing or gardening? Looking for a fast effective way to cool down, stay cool and feel better?  Look no further!!

Hot weather can be tiring for the whole family. We all know it is more important and more difficult to cool down than to warm up. Finding relief from the heat and heat related disorders and cooling down can be a challenge.

Heat Guard Cooling Ties, Pads and K9 Coolers are the very simple and stylish answer to beating the heat. MADE IN CANADA with 100% COTTON these ties and pads contain water absorbing polymer crystals which absorb water up to 400 times thier own weight.  This water is then slowly released onto the fabric through evaporation keeping you cool for a full day or more, no refrigeration required.


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