Water Cooler Cleaning Kit

Water Cooler Cleaning Kit

Disinfects, De-scales and is Biodegradable.

Designed specifically to optimize and simplify the cleaning of your water cooler, the Biomax Cooler Cleaning Kit guarantees you access to pure clean water at all times. Unparalleled cleaning power, ultra fast action, easy to use and completely safe are just some of the numerous features of this product, which is far superior to all competing products.

The Biomax Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to completely and thoroughly clean your cooler including cleaning solution with spray nozzle, cleaning pads and brushes. It is recommended that you clean your water cooler at least 3 to 4 times a year to keep your water clean and safe.

- Cleans, disinfects and descales
- Eliminates germs and bacteria
- Takes care of all components of your cooler
- Cuts cleaning time to 10 minutes
- Does not negatively affect water taste
- Cleans Up to 10 Coolers

Biomax Cooler Cleaning Kit
10 Use Kit
$ 19.99

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