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Can you be affected by water borne bacteria on a municipal water system?

IMG_8491We all assume we can trust our municipal water don’t we?   Please read the following testimonial from Theresa Helbig about  a very unusual problem with her municipal water and what “Gary the Water Guy” from The Water Store in Midland did to correct the problem.
“My husband and I reside in Tay Township and are serviced by municipal water since approximately 2002. My husband suffers from bacterial infections. Repeatedly we had been advised by his doctors that the infections were water-borne. Bacterial analysis were conducted by medical professionals and analyzed by professional medical laboratories. Tay Township was notified and attended to sample our water supply. Although the results were negative, we had no control over the protocol. Subsequently in the early autumn of 2012 there were water advisories posted for Victoria Harbour. Considering that the municipal system is an integrated distribution system and taking further into consideration that there was an unusual connection process in our neighbourhood (lacking visible permit(s), municipally installed connection from the curb stop to the residential premises and inadequate trench depth for permanent occupancy) and the on-going health issues of bacterial skin infections, it was determined that we would take the unusual measure of installing an ultra violet system as the municipal water enters our home. We contacted several local water treatment companies and Mr. Beutler was quick to both respond to our telephone call and make a home visit to conduct some initial tests. His price seemed reasonable (turns out it was very reasonable) and he was able to provide service almost immediately (another concern resulting from the boil water advisory issued in Tay at the time). The equipment was installed by a professional plumber who was prompt, efficient and the workmanship outstanding (and in a finished crawlspace). His female apprentice was exceptional. They were courteous. I am pleased to report that within a week there were visible improvements and the bacterial skin infections that had plagued my husband for almost two years healed and there has been no significance reoccurrence of the infections. Doctor appointments have been dramatically reduced and are now of a normal pattern of follow-up for an elderly person. The follow-up service by The Water Store and specifically Gary Beutler has been beyond expectations and is exemplary. We never hesitate to recommend his establishment to others. The cleanliness of his store also portrays his dedication to the products he sells and the service he provides. Thank you The Water Store!”
Theresa Helbig, Tay, Ontario
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