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Which Water Softener is the Best in Canada? – Midland, Ontario


The Aquamaster’s low operating cost and overall efficiency make it the obvious winner.  But, what is very important to most consumers and was not considered in the test was the initial cost.  The Aquamaster is far cheaper than many of the water softeners tested and is almost one half the cost of some of the others.  Also, its compact size is perfect for situations where space is at a premium and make them ideal for homes with crawl spaces.  Call your nearest Water Stores store for your FREE In-home water analysis today and we can show you how the Aquamaster line of water softeners is perfect for your family!

For more information on Aquamaster Water Softeners or to download a brochure go to http://www.waterstoresgroup.com/store-product-details.php?locationID=17&productID=72


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4 Responses to Which Water Softener is the Best in Canada? – Midland, Ontario

  1. It is really important to choose the right water softener company, to save money as well as to have a good health.

  2. Kevin Wong CWQA says:

    You realize that the data presented in the Waterloo report cannot be defended by the region at this time. they have pulled down the report and revised.
    At this time they still cannot verify their own data. No one from industry reviewed thier protocol or their methods.
    Their consulting engineers ar not water treatment experts but wastewater engineers.

    Please call me for a up-to-date briefing.

    Kevin Wong, CAE | Executive Director
    Canadian Water Quality Association
    295 The West Mall, Ste 504
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9C 4Z4
    Tel: 416-695-3068 ext. 312
    Toll: 1-866-383-7617

    • Gary says:

      Yes, everything you say is true but they still stand behind their test results as being accurate. Just as automobile journalists test automobiles (they are not engineers) they provide very usefull information for consumers to help them make their purchasing decision. This was the first time this type of testing was done in Canada (that I know of) and consumers and the industry should applaude their attempt to gather information that is definitely of benefit to consumers making this type of buying decision. I beleive this type of comparison testing is what consumers need to help them make a more informed decision. Also, any consumer that read their report will definitely understand water softeners more than a consumer that did not read their report.
      Gary Beutler CWS-I
      The Water Store Midland

  3. sankalp says:

    this is an awesome blog about water softeners. this can be used to filter the water. thanks for sharing such an important article with us. all the best. keep on posting.